Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March 2011 Analysis

Well, my final numbers are in for March 2011 and I am very pleased. The total kWh produced was 577.65 which equates to approximately $463.28 this month. Not bad for a March that seemed like there was lots of rain.

It helped that the last week had three or four days in a row that were very very sunny with very little cloud cover. I was producing 35kWh those days which really helped the bottom line.

For the month it was approximately $14.94/day income and the target was only $12.05 so I was producing above target which is more than one can ask for!

The kWh/kWp/day was 3.529.

Here is a graph of the results of the power produced vs. target to give you a better idea how the system is working.

I guess the last thing of note is that 4 days in March had less then 2kWh produced. One day had 0, and another 2 days fell in the 2-3kWh. These days were likely snowy and or pouring rain with extreme cloud cover.